How do you reinvent the banking system for a generation that is disengaged with its investments and savings habits? Nationwide, in collaboration with YouTube, presents a unique solution to tackling three different problems: educating the youth about their financial futures and the importance of saving and growing their money, the lack of financial resources for content creators on YouTube, and getting the viewer more invested into the video creation process.

Presenting Nationwide's YouTube Stock Exchange.


YouTube Stock Exchange
A platform that connects the youth to a new kind of banking, transforming the content generation process into a revenue making and collaborative effort. 

AD: Lukas Bruhn, Ryan Leckie
CW: Hana OvcinaAditya Sunilkumar
MENTOR: Niklas Frings-Rupp

ADC Germany
1x Gold | 2017

D&AD New Blood Awards
1x Yellow Pencil | 2016

New York Festivals
1x Finalist Award | 2016

Applied Arts
1x Winner | 2016

Future Award
1x Finalist | 2016

5x Finalist | 2016